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Ingenious Braided Updos

Are you ready to join the braid trend now? It seems that the braided hairstyles are back. Take a look at all kinds of beautiful braided up-dos this season and find a brand new hairstyle for 2014!

The elegant braided topknot - braided updo

The elegant braided topknot – braided updo

Kate Bosworth's new hairstyle is really groundbreaking. She looks absolutely elegant and beautiful in this ingenious braided hair.

If you want to wear this hairstyle too, just braid your long hair into a French braid, then split it into two symmetrical braids and wrap it around your crown. Finally, adjust their positions on top of your head and pin them. This special hairstyle also makes you look fabulous and radiant.

Braided Black Hair Bun – Braided Updo

This is perhaps the easiest braided up-do ever. You can just make a top ponytail and then slip into a traditional British braid. The secret to making this simple up-do look beautiful is to find the right place on your crown. So it can give a good share of your overall silhouette. And obviously it differs because different people have different face shapes and features.

Messy Braided Topknot – Braided Updo

Braided Blonde Hair Bun – Braided Updo

These two braided hairstyles make for an edgy look. They most flatter girls with strong personalities by achieving an outstanding effect. They are also not difficult to do. You can achieve this look in just a few simple steps.

Don't forget to combine the stylish hairstyle with cool makeup and outfits. The braid details underline your special flair and make you the center of attention at every party or evening.

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