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Interesting Twisted Hairstyles for Girls

There's a great way to spice up your long hairstyle this season with some twisted details if you're tired of the simple ponytails or braided hairstyles. The twisted hair can be created for both formal and informal occasions. It is very easy to make for average girls and saves you a lot of time every morning. Browse through this post and check out 15 interesting twisted hairstyles for girls here!

Twisted updo

Twisted updo

Twisted updo over

This is an effective way to give a simple ponytail an amazing look. Artificially twist the strands and secure the ends with hairpins.

Twisted Side Ponytail Hairstyle

Twisted Side Ponytail Hairstyle Over

This hairstyle gives us strong evidence that the twisted hairstyle will look very glamorous for a wedding occasion. Loosen a few strands to add more width to the style.

Lateral twists in bun hairstyle

Side twists over in bun hairstyle

This twisted bun hairstyle can create a very clean look for long hair. You can wear it for both formal and informal events.

Twisted side bun

Twisted side bun over

The messy twisted bun will look fabulous on purple hair for women. It can also be created on other light colored hair.

Twisted side braid hairstyle

Twisted side braid hairstyle over

Here's another way to create the Dutch braid by twisting your hair into a side ponytail. This hairstyle is ideal for girls who love pretty and cute looks.

Twisted ponytail with braid

Twisted ponytail with braid over

The braided and twisted hair is always a priority for little girls. Add some pretty hair accessories for more attention.

Twisted low ponytail

Twisted low ponytail over

The elegant low ponytail is the best way to create a formal hairstyle. Divide it into two equal parts and twist them for a more polished look.

Twisted Crown Braid for kids

Twisted Crown Braid for kids over

The twisted crown looks cuter and more beautiful than the braided one. The strands of hair look very admirable around the head.

High ponytail with side twists

High ponytail with side twists over

This beautiful twisted hairstyle has made a big difference to the normal high ponytail. It also forms a perfect color pattern on this blonde ombre hair.

Double twisted side ponytail

Double twisted side ponytail over

This hairstyle is created by pulling all of your hair back into a side ponytail and tucking the length of hair through the base. Repeat the second step and secure it with a hair band.

Twisted half up hairstyle

Twisted Half Up Hairstyle Over

It's an interesting way to create a mid-height hairstyle with some twisted details. The long front layers are twisted and secured at the back.

Lateral twists for long straight hair

Side twists for long straight hair over

This triple sideways hairstyle looks very nice on natural straight hair. The side bangs are split smoothly to better frame their face shape.

Long straight hairstyle with twisted bangs

Long straight hairstyle with twisted bangs over

The long straight hairstyle will be able to create a clean and neat look for girls. The twisted bangs are the best way to highlight your best facial features and outgrow bangs.
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