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A jacket protects the upper body from cold wind and keeps it comfortably warm. The jacket fashion is very different for both women and men and ranges from thin denim jackets to thick, shabby jackets, depending on the season.

Classification of the jackets category

Jackets are items of clothing that are part of outer clothing. They encompass the entire upper body and arms down to the wrists. On the ventral side, a jacket can be closed with the help of various closure systems such as zips or buttons.

Function and materials

In addition to fashionable arguments, a jacket primarily serves to protect people, especially from the cold and wet, which is why many jackets also have a water-repellent upper material. For example, jackets can be made from a variety of materials

Jack species

In addition, a distinction is made between normal jackets for everyday life and functional jackets such as

Typical jackets are approximate

The word “anorak” comes from the Inuit language and was adopted in our language. In the anorak, the jacket also has a hood. Also

belong to the different types of jackets.

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