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Jeans, or jeans for short, are certainly one of the most popular and widespread items of clothing. It is very sturdy and can be bought in endless variations today, e.g. B. with blow, as stretch jeans or as washed-out jeans.

Classification of the jeans category

Jeans are pants made of cotton. The blue fabric they are made of is called “denim”. The color is provided by the color indigo. Jeans can be made from other materials, but the term jeans is actually tied to that fabric. The “original shape” of the jeans is the blue “blue jeans”.

Features and sections of a pair of jeans

Jeans usually have two front and back pockets and can be closed at the front with zippers or conventional buttons. Today they are of course also available in other colors and in countless cuts, such as:

Designer jeans, which can cost up to a thousand euros, are also popular today. Of course, you can also buy jeans off the rack and the quality is very good. Today jeans are also bought with embroidery, appliqués or prints.

History and Development

Before the Second World War, jeans were more likely to be found among American workers or cowboys, but after the war, particularly through youth culture, they became very popular leisure trousers throughout the western world and beyond.

In the 1870s, Levi Strauss, who emigrated from Germany, applied for a patent for trousers made of tent fabric that were to be sold to gold miners. Shortly afterwards he made his pants out of the blue denim.

Because they were intended for workers, they became symbols of rebellion against society and its bourgeois values, especially in Europe. This development was continued mainly by rock bands in the 60s and 70s. Today jeans are a completely normal part of everyday and casual clothing.

Popular brands of jeans

In addition to Levi Strauss, the most popular jeans manufacturers include the following labels:

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