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Jewelery Case

Jewelery boxes for the safe and proper storage of jewelery are available in all colors, shapes, formats and price ranges. They are just as practical for traveling as they are for storing jewelry at home.

Classification of the jewelry box category

A jewelry box is designed to safely and properly store jewelry and is used by many users both when traveling and at home. Quite a few of them have two suitcases for their jewelry, one of which is used to store jewelry, while the other is used for travel.

Jewelry case for use while traveling

For use during travel, it makes sense if the jewelery case fits into the case, as some airlines also limit the total weight and the number of pieces of luggage allowed at no extra charge. People who own very high quality jewelry often prefer a jewelry case whose dimensions allow them to take it into the cabin.

Single item or part of a suitcase set

A jewelry case can be a single object or part of a suitcase set. A set consisting of a suitcase, a handbag and a jewelry box looks particularly elegant in its composition.

Features: closure, material and layout

Most jewelry boxes can be locked with a simple lock and thus protect the jewelry from theft. Leather is the main material used for jewelry cases, but also silver and aluminum. If you want to use a particularly high-quality jewelry case, you will find models that are set with diamonds and are therefore a high-quality piece of jewelry themselves.

Proper storage of jewelry is ensured by dividing the jewelry box into different pockets. The suitcases are divided like this

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