Saint Laurent Signature Wyatt 30 Jodhpur Ankle Boots, $1,035 .

Jodhpur Ankle Boots

What are jodhpur ankle boots?

The shaft always extends over the ankle.Definition: Jodhpur ankle boots are also available Riding half boots or Jodhpur boots named and characterized by the following features:

    1. The material is usually leather.
    2. Jodhpur ankle boots often have a side stretch insert in the shape of a rectangle – an element that is actually typical of Chelsea boots.
    3. A strap runs around the joint.
    4. The heel is always flat.
    5. In their classic form, Jodhpur ankle boots have no other decorations apart from the straps.

Originally, Jodhpur ankle boots are intended for men. They are now also available for women. Most shoe stores do not refer to Jodhpur ankle boots as such.

They are very popular because of their comfort. Jodhpur ankle boots belong to the category of unisex shoes and, due to their origin from the equestrian sector, to the category of sports shoes.

What is the difference between Jodhpur ankle boots and Chelsea boots?

These two types of shoes are very similar. The transitions between the two types of shoes are particularly clear in the picture shown. However, unlike Jodhpur boots, Chelsea boots do not have a strap around the wrist.

The Guide to Jodhpur Ankle Boots

Why can Jodhpur ankle boots be combined?

This type of shoe fits best the skirts or 7/8 trousers in combination with a blouse. The androgynous shoes develop their effect particularly well when they are in opposition to sensual rock styles be combined. For the slightly different business look Jodhpur ankle boots are good too elegant pants combine. Both tight pants and loose pants look chic. Most of the time, Jodhpur ankle boots are sold in muted colors such as black, dark brown or cognac and can therefore create great contrasts to light, cool items of clothing.

Can i wear jodhpur ankle boots in the office?

Jodhpur ankle boots originally come from equestrian sports and are a classic and timeless shoe model. They are one of the types of shoes that ideal for the office are as long as there is no obligation to wear a suit or costume.

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