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Key Cases

A key case is mainly used to hold one or more keys, such as car keys or house keys. The cases, which are usually made of leather, usually have a zip pocket for keys, coins or the like.

Classification of the key cases category

Key cases are also known as key cases. In the key case there is a small rod with key rings or key hooks. Each key can be attached to a separate hook or eye.


The advantage of this is that you don’t have to deal with a key ring and look for the key you want. In addition, key storage is more gentle in key cases. Because with heavy use or bumps and bumps from the outer parts of the key, such. B. the beard, these break off. The relevant key is then no longer useful.

If there is no replacement key, the lock cannot be opened, so that damage to a single key can result in very high follow-up costs.

Key cases are particularly secure as part of the case is placed over the keys before the case is locked. So the key can be safely transported in a handbag or pocket.

Sometimes helpful when keys are lost

A key case can be helpful even if you lose a key. Most key cases have a number inside that identifies the key holder. The key only needs to be thrown into a mailbox by the finder.

The prerequisite for this, however, is that the key case is registered so that the case can be assigned to its owner as quickly as possible in the event of a loss. It is unusual to write down your address in a key case. Because under certain circumstances this is the way to show burglars the right way.

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