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Lace-up shoes

Lace-up shoes or lace-up shoes are usually all shoes that have laces and therefore need to be laced. These are usually leather or plastic lace-up shoes for both men and women.

Features of lace-up shoes

Loafer shoes are called slippers that are closed with laces that are guided by eyelets on the shoe. These eyelets are always mounted opposite one another in pairs; Under the lacing there is usually a separate piece of leather to protect the foot called the tongue. How many eyelets are attached to a shoe depends on the model and fit.

Differences in eyelets and laces

A shoe is pretty close with one or two pairs of eyelets, with a boot there can be up to 60 eyelets, depending on how high the bootleg is. Most of the eyelets are in the same color as the shoe. In the case of highly fashionable shoes in particular, however, it also happens that the eyelets are kept in a contrasting color.

The laces that go through the eyelets are also usually the same color as the shoes. But it’s also a matter of personal taste and fashion whether designers opt for contrasting shoelaces.

Types of lacing

When lacing the shoe, there are different ways of tying. one differentiates:

The particular advantage of the lace-up shoe is its unusually good fit. Because the lacing allows the shoe to be adapted particularly well to the proportions of the foot. This is particularly appreciated by people with a relatively high instinct who otherwise cannot pull a shoe over the instep. Due to the fact that the shoe adapts particularly well to the foot, this also receives enough grip and the wearer of the shoe receives a particularly firm grip.

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