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Lack ballerinas for women

Lack ballerinas for women

Ballerinas are a great and very feminine alternative to gender-neutral summer shoes, Like espadrilles and sailing shoes, since their invention in the late 19th century by the Italian shoe manufacturer Salvatore Capezio, they have been among the absolute trend shoes, for whose development Capezio even received the Coty Award. The delicate shoes make a long leg due to their shape and emphasize this and the back of the foot very skillfully.

Patent leather – the material for a radiant appearance

Since then the famous American designer Claire McCardell The ballerina shoes were added to their collection for the first time and appeared on the cover of Vogue. The look and shape of the shoe have constantly evolved. A particularly eye-catching and elegant variant of the classic ballerina shoe are the patent ballerinas, which enhance your outfits with their shiny material and are also suitable for festive occasions.

Patent leather is traditionally used for the footwear of gala uniforms and has also become increasingly popular in the clothing industry Material for elegant evening wear and shoesas well as accessories such as handbags and purses.

The shape of this leather is a refined smooth leatherthat must be both free of scars and high-gloss. The starting material is coated either with a special varnish, usually oil varnish or cold varnish, or a thin film with a mirror-smooth surface. The typical properties of leather are retained, which means that shoes made of the material are dimensionally stable and stretchable, and are still breathable and spirited. The stable material does not need to be impregnated before wearing, but can be better protected. As a material for color ballerinas, it protects the feet even in sudden summer rain much more reliably than the models in which the shaft is made of soft textiles.

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