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Latest Hair Color Trend: Dreamy Blue Hair

Do you want to be cooler Then try the chicest blue hair! Blue is such a wonderful color that will remind us of the beautiful sky and the sea. It is also a color to calm people down. If you dye your pretty hair in shades of blue, your look will be much more edgy. Blue hair can be seen in fairy tale books much more often than in our daily life, so your blue hair will surely give your overall picture a dreamy accent.

Lately, more and more celebrities are rocking their blue hair. Some are dark blue, some are pastel blue, while others are colored in an ombre and a graded shade. Here we have selected some stunning blue hair ideas for you. Give it a try if you like blue hair, why not give it a try? Be a dreamy diva and rock the street with a head of pretty blue hair! Enjoy!

Latest hair color trend: dreamy blue hair

Kylie Jenner Blue Hair

Kylie Jenner Blue Hair

Vanessa Hudgen Ombre Blue Hair

Ireland Baldwin Blue Hair

Dramatic blue hair

Fantastic blue hair

Mermaid Blue Braid

Edgy Ombre Blue Hair

Chic blue hair

Blue hair with a crown of flowers

Pastel blue braids

Ombre blue hair

Amazing blue hair

Adorable blue hair

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