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Latex boots for women

Latex boots are not considered to be ordinary footwear, but are among those shoes that can arouse erotic associations or lust in some people. This meaning in eroticism is usually even assigned to certain boot models especially for women, depending on their inclination high heels or even higher heels need to have. Preferred materials Waves made of lacquer or latex intended. Latex boots and latex shoes are particularly used in the fetish scene, in the BDSM scene and among professional sex workers. They are rarely worn in everyday life.

Natural materials for a brilliant appearance

Latex is basically one Collective term for various materials, how

Most common is the name for the naturally occurring natural latexObtained from the milky sap of a rubber tree or gutta-percha tree. A synthetic production of latex is also possible. The material is used for the production of protective clothing, but also for costumes or latex fashion as well as shoes, boots, so-called boot pants or accessories such as handbags, stockings and gloves. Especially in the rubber fetishism scene, latex fashion plays an important role.

Shoes and boots are usually not submerged like other accessories, but rather around sewn or glued goodsThe footwear consists of prefabricated latex sheets and is either glued or sewn. Disadvantages of sewn goods may include deterioration in elasticity and deterioration in durability caused by the microcracks caused by the sewing needle. Articles made from glued goods are best in terms of durability and strength, elastic and, unlike immersed goods, have a uniform material thickness.

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