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Leather boots for women

Leather boots for women

Leather boots are one Subcategory of shoe bootsThis includes all common types of boots and ankle boots for women, men and children that are made entirely or partially of leather. In some cases, some manufacturers have also shortened the running time Boots and boots made of plastic with a high-quality leather look on. In the leather industry the term is usually still differentiated between fur and leather, depending on whether the skin comes from a larger animal such as a cow or a smaller animal such as a sheep, the tanned leather is usually referred to in the shoe industry with the term.

Real leather – leather ankle boots and boots made from high quality natural materials

Leather is one of the Sclera of various larger animals such as cows, buffaloes, donkeys and pigs or smaller animals such as lamb, goat or veal The extracted material has been processed by humans since the Stone Age and is still a popular material in the clothing industry, the shoe industry and for making various other leather goods such as accessories such as purses, wallets, belts or gloves.

Especially for heavily used shoes It is often used, for example, to equip cowboys or other professions that operate in a particularly demanding work environment, e.g. B. professional hunters or foresters, as leather is a very durable and tough material.

Despite its robustness, depending on the processing, it is still supple and adaptable and can be processed and processed very well. In addition, leather is relatively impermeable to water even without prior treatment breathableThis makes it particularly suitable as a material for shoe production and ensures a healthy foot climate.

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