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Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are almost indispensable in men’s and women’s fashion. Leather jackets and coats are worn especially on colder days and are available in very different quality and price ranges, e.g. B. made of real leather or synthetic leather.

Classification of the leather jackets category

It is the favorite piece of many owners and a long-time companion – the leather jacket.

Special features of the material

Their material – leather – is a natural product that is preserved through the chemical process of tanning. It captivates

  • high strength
  • water-repellent and at the same time breathable properties
  • Suppleness and
  • longevity

So it is perfect for the production of durable and well protective outerwear. The beautiful look makes it particularly attractive.


Not just skins from

used for leather jackets – special processing techniques allow the use of

  • Shark
  • Eel-
  • Deer-
  • Crocodile-
  • Snake or
  • Ostrich leather.

One differentiates in

  • soft leather
  • Suede-like leather
  • washable ice leather
  • Patent leather covered with a layer of lacquer
  • velvety nubuck leather made from ground bark skin
  • Nappa leather and
  • Morocco,

which consists of sumac tanned goat skin. Leather jackets are always made of very soft but robust leather. The seams are a bit thicker due to the material, which gives the jacket its natural appearance in addition to natural irregularities in color and structure.

Leather jackets are often provided with a lining to protect the inward-facing leather side from dirt and tears. Leather jackets should always be cleaned professionally and impregnated with a suitable agent from time to time so that the wearer can enjoy them for a long time.

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