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Leather sandals for ladies

Leather sandals for ladies

It is no lie at all to say that leather sandals are true classics are among the shoes – after all, they are considered the oldest shoes in the world. From a stable sole that was attached to the foot with a leather strap, but (luckily) over the millennia true fashion pearls developed. Leather sandals are no longer primitive and unimaginative footwear, but shine with their variability, functionality and style.

In the beginning there was a belt

The development of leather sandals can be compared with the evolutionary history. Of a simple basic form Gradually, more and more specialized variants developed that perfectly adapted to their living space. Different types of leather sandals make the hearts of real shoe fans beat faster every summer – and not without reason: there is simply the right leather sandal for every occasion.

What started with just a belt in the beginning has developed into a real shoe chameleon over time. Leather sandals come in countless colors and shapes Therefore, and inspire you with partly striking, partly simple features and details.

Different types of leather sandals are:

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