Buy Saint G Womens Black Napa Leather Long Boots, Tunit Sole Tall .

Long boots for women

Boots are a well-known and very popular form of shoes which, in contrast to conventional shoes, must have a shaft length of at least 80 percent of the shoe sole in order to be called a boot or boot. Be boots worn by men, women and children and, depending on the purpose, can also go beyond the function of a mere item of clothing such as part of sports equipment such as ski boots, hiking boots or riding boots or as safety equipment such as motorcycle shoes. Long boots are characterized by their special shaft length and belong to the classic boot designs.

Elegant shaft height for great effect

Next to long boots, often with names equated with boots or boots Will you get even more wavelengths, such as Half-shaft boots and over-the-knee boots excellent. As the name suggests, long boots are among the types of boots with a higher shaft. In the case of long boots, the shaft extends over the calves, but not beyond the knee, and is therefore very similar to boots in the driver’s look, which should reach exactly to the knee of the wearer.

These long boots meet as Middle between ankle boots and overknee boots Not only for aesthetic requirements, but have been worn precisely this length for centuries in order to effectively protect feet and tibia from dirt, moisture and cold.

Even today, the long-shaft boots are used in particular as functional shoes of various types, be it in motorsport, in outdoor sports, as part of Uniforms or protection or as Workwear,

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