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Long shirts

A long shirt is – as the name suggests – a very long top that is often cut closer to the body. Mostly it has no sleeves and relatively wide straps, but of course there are all sorts of variations; long-sleeved, half-sleeved, 3/4 sleeved etc. Can be combined very well with tight trousers as a top or with leggings or tights as a short dress. Together with other items of clothing it can hide and hide.

Classification of the long shirts category

Long shirts are extra long t-shirts or tops and are worn as women’s outerwear. A special feature of such a bowl is the extra long cut. If regular-cut shirts are only around the waistband, a long shirt goes much further and often covers the entire buttocks

Variants of long shirts

Long shirts are available in many variations. These can be shirts with a tight fit, as well as wide-ranging models. The latter are then worn together with a belt at hip height to put the figure in the right light and to highlight it despite the wide cut. The upper end of the long shirt can be just as different, as it is available in the form of long-cut spaghetti or halter neck tops as well as strapless models.

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