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Long sleeve shirts

Long sleeve shirts

Long sleeve shirts are for the fine gentleman. The fabric of long-sleeved shirts is slightly thicker than that of short-sleeved men’s shirts. The long sleeve shirts are available in all imaginable variations, colors and patterns.

Classification of the long-sleeved shirt category

It belongs to the basics of men’s clothing – the long sleeve shirt. Of the male business fashion is an indispensable part, and in everyday life and casual wear it is one of the standards today.

Cut and features

It’s cut straight and long so it can also be easily inserted into the waistband without slipping out immediately. It is closed by an open or covered button placket, the sleeves are fastened in the shoulder area and reach to the wrist, where they end in a cuff.

This is usually closed with the attached button. In the case of particularly exclusive or festive models, loose cufflinks for insertion through the use in leisure time long shirt sleeves can often be seen rolled up, which gives the wearer a pretty “gripping” look.


The collar is mainly presented as a “button-down” collar, with the corners held by small buttons on the shirt. Other collar shapes include


Even in warm summer temperatures, “he” wears a long-sleeved shirt if necessary, but mostly lighter and finely combed

There are also pieces

and sometimes

Colors and patterns

The male world likes to be in clear or muted colors

  • White
  • Light and dark blue
  • cream
  • Gray
  • Bordeaux
  • Light Blue
  • Purple or
  • Lime or dark green.

In the professional environment, monochromatic or discreetly patterned models dominate, otherwise they are often used to create eye-catching stripes, checks or floral patterns. There are now long-sleeved shirts in a wrinkle-proof, non-iron quality that make it easier for one or the other gentleman to make the “pro” decision.

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