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Long Wavy Hairstyles

If you have a head with admirably long locks, just make them long wave styles. Women with long, wavy hairstyles are more charming and feminine than with straight hair. There are many types and sizes of waves that women can try. You can put them aside, try an ombre style or dye your hair in a more stylish color …

Here are some of the pop star's brightest long wave hairstyles. In addition, her makeup looks look pretty good. The naked make-up, the smoky-eye make-up look and the pink lipstick make-up look … Whatever make-up look you want to try, you will find the best example here. Now scroll down and look. Enjoy!

Joanna Garcia-Swisher Long wave cut

Joanna Garcia-Swisher Long wave cut

Bella Thorne Long Wavy Hairstyle

Olivia Palermo Long mid-section wave cut

Cameron Diaz Long wave cut

Jillian Rose Reed Long red hairstyle

Jillian Rose Reed Wavy hairstyle and pink lips

Nicola Peltz Long wavy hairstyle and smoky eyes

Lydia Hearst long wavy hairstyle and nude makeup

Busy Philipp's soft long wavy hairstyle and nude makeup

Nicola Peltz Lange tousled long wavy hairstyle and nude makeup

Leighton Meester Long Wavy Cut and Brown Smoky Eyes

Shakira Flowing Long Wavy Cut and Nude Makeup

Rita Ora Blonde Long curly hair and smoky eyes

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