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Loose Bun Hair Designs

I love styling a loose bun when I stay at home. What I have to do is pull up the long curls and tuck them loosely over my neck. In fact, a loose bun can be worn for many occasions. Sometimes you may want a simple and airy bun, not just to stay at home. You can wear a loose bun for shopping or outgoing. Then you need different bun hair looks to complement the clothes. The hairstyle is no longer a simple bun. It takes time to finish the look.

Not sure which hairstyle you will wear? Do not worry. Today's post deals with the loose bun designs. The buns are available in different hair and colors. I am sure that it is good for you to learn how to style a significant loose bun.

The rolls look casual but pretty. I don't think you will miss her. Next time, you can go to a cafe or library with one of the bun hairstyles. I hope you can get inspired and keep your hands busy in no time.

Loose bun

Loose buns over

Brooklyn Decker Low Bun

Carrie Underwood Loose Bun

Charlize Theron Side Bun

Leighton Meester Bun

Jessica Biel Low Loose Bun

Messy buns over

Top bun over

Back bun via

Super loose bun over

Wind blow buns over

Summer rolls over

Airy bun

Wedding lots of buns over

Simple bun over

Pretty bun over

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