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Lovely Cartoon Themed Nails for the Week

The post shows you some nice nail designs with cartoon motifs. These nail designs are inspired by the Disney cartoons. You can make people happy and take their favorite cartoon pictures into custody.

If you want to paint a nail art to remember your favorite Disney picture, you'll find plenty of ideas in today's post. In fact, it is not difficult for every girl to enchant the nail designs with cartoon motifs. Nail art requires simple manicure items. If you want to paint a Mickey Mouse nail art, you can only add a few dots or bows to the nails to get a nicer nail design. Don't worry about the colors. You can choose any color you love for your nails for the week.

Now let’s take a look at these beautiful nail arts. I hope you take one of the designs as a manicure for the next event. Enjoy!

Peter Pan themed nails

Peter Pan Themed Nails About

Disney Pointy Nails over

Ocean nails over

Pretty nail design over

Up Themed Nails About

Frozen nail art via

Frozen nail art over

Beautiful cinderella nails over

Cinderella slipper manicure over

Cinderella Themed Nails About

Black and white Mickey Mouse nails over

Mickey Mouse Nails over

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