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Men’s shoes

The shoe shapes and requirements are fundamentally different from the shoes for women. Men’s shoes can exude a very special elegance, but are just as comfortable and unusual.

Shoes are among the oldest pieces of clothing known to man. Even Ötzi stamped 5,000 years ago with seams that were sewn together from different types of leather through snow and ice. Since the Stone Age, they have not only been used to warm the feet, but are also supposed to protect against injuries on uneven terrain.

In the early days of shoes, there were no visible differences between the models for men and women, only in ancient times special footwear for men was required in some areas. The Romans pioneered shoe-making when legionaries who had to walk countless kilometers needed blister-free feet for efficient conquest campaigns. Therefore, the Roman men’s sandals for the right and left foot were produced for the first time in a different fit and offered significantly better comfort than the usual paired shoes.

Only in the 16th century did the awareness spread in Central Europe that men’s shoes should also meet the visual requirements – the high-heeled and pointed pointe shoes, which made walking almost impossible at the time, shaped the wearer’s awareness of standing and fashion. With the possibility of industrial production, the men’s shoe developed into a fashion item at the beginning of the 20th century.

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