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Originally only worn by Indians, moccasins are still available in shoe stores, but often with minor changes to the original. A moccasin is made of soft leather and usually has no heel.

Classification of the moccasins category

There is a saying among the Indians: “Don’t judge anyone unless you walked in their moccasins one day.” And if you look at the moccasins, you can quickly understand this saying. Because no other shoe adapts so much to the feet of its wearer as the moccasin.

Features of the moccasin

In terms of comfort, no other shoe can match the moccasin. because

  • The slip shoe has no heel and usually only one seam.
  • The shaft goes around the whole foot,

Only at the top is a piece of leather inlaid to cover the back of the foot.

  • The seam is typically located on the top of the shoe

and is additionally supported by an additional waviness of the leather edge. This is very decorative and supports the stability of the shoe.

In terms of the sole

The moccasin with a suede sole is very classic, which unfortunately has not been proven in our latitudes, as this type of sole does not tolerate much moisture and wears out so quickly that the Indians always have the moccasins in stock. Today moccasins are offered in numerous variants, almost all of which have a continuous rubber sole.

Occasionally, moccasins are offered that only have a sole in the area of ​​the forefoot and the verse. So this type of moccasins is very comfortable. If moccasins are made in the tradition of the Indians, they are often embroidered with glass beads in the area of ​​the forefoot.

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