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Most Popular Short Pixie Haircut for Women

Pixie Cut Gallery: The art of styling pixie haircuts

More and more women are taking the opportunity to cut their hair short. So far, the Pixie Cut is the first choice for many. When you get a pixie haircut, you can actually enjoy many benefits. First, it looks very charming. You can still look very feminine, even if your hair is short. Second, it works for both formal occasions and casual days. If you simply use the right accessory, your style will already adapt to your goal. Third, it is far too easy to wait.

Short Layered Pixie Cut 2016

Short pixie cut

You think Pixie haircut is too boring because you can't do much with your hairstyle? Then it is time to forget this misunderstanding. There are several ways you can fix your hair so that you get a new look every day.

If you want a more understated and chic look, all you have to do is leave the edges of your pixie cut stuck inside. A more youthful look is to keep it flat and smooth. This can be achieved by using a generous amount of hair foam. Don't use shiny hair products as this ruins the chic style. If you want a little more volume, pull the hair up on the crown and apply some hairspray. Instead of using hairspray on the top layer, strategically apply it closer to the roots to maintain the fuller volume for hours.

For a modern and hip style, try the stylishly tousled pixie haircut. This is a more playful way to fix your hair. Instead of controlling the tips so that they can be stowed inwards, you would have to intentionally roll them outwards. Use hair wax to create separate segments so it looks elegantly fixed. It would be like creating a few spines that are not too upright. Don't be afraid of the imperfections because this would only make your style more attractive.

If you're in the mood to beautify your hairstyle, don't hesitate to pick the ones that would work with your pixie cut. Headbands are an excellent addition to your look. Usually the thinner ones work best. If you have bangs, start styling your hair by brushing it aside. You can either put it behind your ears or drop it gracefully on your forehead. Then put on your headband and you're good to go!

Satin ribbons give your look a very feminine touch. Choose one that matches the color of your wardrobe for the day. The styling is very similar to how you would put on your headband. Just make sure you tie the ribbon at the neck for a neat and clean look.

If you're not a big fan of headbands and ribbons but want to spice up your look, small hair clips and clips are the best option. If you put this on one side, you can look really lovable.

Layered Messy Pixie haircut for women

Trendy layered long pixie haircut for women

There are many ways you can style your pixie hair. All it takes is trying it out to suit your mood for the day.

long blonde elf cut for short thin hair

short balayage pixie haircut 2019

Gallery of short pixie haircut

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