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Motorcycle boots

Motorcycle boots offer the rider good wearing comfort and give the foot an excellent grip on the bike. They are usually made of cowhide, special joint supports and a gasoline and heat resistant rubber sole.

Classification of motorcycle boots category

Motorcycle boots are shoes in the form of boots for safe motorcycle riding.

Requirements for motorcycle boots

Motorcycle boots require a high level of safety and comfort. The manufacturers of motorcycle boots are characterized by high quality standards. Good motorcycle boots are made by hand and equipped with advanced safety features.

The boots should

his and also in extreme situations

stay. Motorcycle boots consist of various components from different manufacturers. Most have

  • a toe cap with switch reinforcement
  • an ankle protection made of foam padding
  • a shin guard and
  • Elastic inserts.

The rear part of the trunk consists of a rear cap, elastic instep and Velcro for individual adjustment of the exact fit.

Sole and materials

The sole has

  • a tiredness
  • a rubber sole
  • a plastic insert and
  • an insole with non-woven fabric.

A breathable Goretex material and carbon ensure safety and well-being in the trunk.

Types of motorcycle boots

Motorcycle boots can be divided into different groups for motorcyclists. On the one hand

  • For professional drivers the safety shoe for consistently high speed

and for another

  • the shell boot for the recreational driver.

There can also be boots in there

  • Racing boots
  • Cross boots
  • Touring boots and
  • Biker boots

to organize. A good motorcycle boot is part of the basic equipment of every motorcyclist.

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