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Mules for ladies

Mules for ladies

Mules are related to slippers, and it is often believed that mules are exclusively slippers for women and men, or especially women only. Of course you can use mules as slippers, but ladies and gentlemen, mules are also suitable for the time outside the private living space. There are mules with heels or for women Wedge mulesBut there are also for men many suitable models under the mules that are flat and have a comfortable fit. Very popular too Bath mulesbecause slippers are great for your time on the beach or in public swimming pools.

Different types

You can find different types of mules for women and men. As well as Ladies as well as Men’s There are mules that are flat. But there are other women

Mules can be outside leather or one synthetic material consist. Mules with wooden soles are also very popular, which makes them look great. Among the colors are the classics black and white, but also otherwise all kinds of colors available.

The footbed mules are often ergonomically shaped, which makes wearing with a footbed particularly soft and comfortable. Mules and ladies often have room for insoles, which makes them even better stand more comfortably and carry the mules with a comfortable feeling. Bath mules are also very popular and highly recommended because of their protection against injuries and fungal infections on the beach or in the swimming pool.

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