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Nail Tutorials: How to Paint a Stripe Nail Art

I don't want to spend so much time on my manicure, but I also want to have a new nail art. Then I choose a very simple nail art, strip nail art, as my new manicure for the week. This nail design can not only save my time, but also combine many opportunities and outfits. Here I would like to share some useful tutorials on strip nails with you. I hope you like it!

The quickest way to paint a striped nail art consists of several steps. First paint a primer for the nails. Second, use a suitable tool to create the strips. If you have difficulty painting the big lines, you can create the strips with the tape. Of course it is a bit complicated. However, when you finish nail art, you will be happy and satisfied. Third, apply a top coat on the nails.

Now let’s take a look at the tutorials first. You can choose one of the designs to paint it for your next nail art.

Purple stripe nails

Purple stripe nails

Purple stripe nails over

Pink and sliver strip nails

Pink and sliver strips of nails over

Colorful stripe nails

Colorful stripe nails over

Black and white stripes nails

Black and white stripe nails over

Rainbow stripes nails

Rainbow stripe nails over

Ombre stripe nails

Ombre stripe nails over

Blue stripe nail

Blue stripe nails over

Star and stripe nails

Star and stripe nails over

Simple strip nails

Easy stripe nails over

Yellow stripe nails

Yellow stripe nails over

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