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Nail Tutorials: How to Use Scotch Tape

Do you know how to prank the nail arts? Did you ever know that even a small piece of tape can create stylish nail art? If you say no, you will learn more about the tape in the mail. In this post, you will learn how to make your nails more beautiful with the adhesive tape.

First of all, you can cut the tape into certain shapes that you like. Second, you can stick the tape on the nails after polishing the first layer. Third, you can polish different colors in the shape you cut. Finally, clean the edges of your nails.

Can't wait to have taped nail arts? Check out the ideas now!
Red, blue and white nails

Red, blue and white nails

Red, blue and white nails over

Pink and black nail

Pink and black nails over

Color Block Nails

Color block nails over

Stylish nails

Stylish nails over

Tricolor nails

Tricolor nails over

Pretty nails

Pretty nails over

Black and gold nails

Black and gold nails over

Colorful nails

Colorful nails over

Tartan nails

Tartan nails over

Funny nails

Funny nails over

White and green nails

White and green nails over

Pink and gold nails

Pink and gold nails over

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