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Nail Tutorials: Make Nail Arts with Sponge

Do you know how to make a nail design with a sponge? If you have no idea, you can follow today's post and find some nail tutorials. You will be surprised that a sponge can conjure up your nails.

You can make many nail arts with a sponge. A sponge is usually used to create the ombre nail art as this can make the steps easier. First you can polish a base color on the nails. Then you can apply layers of color to your nails with the sponge. Let the nails dry and clean the edges.

Here are some stylish nail art created by sponge. Take a look at the post and it will show you some nail tricks. You will not miss it!

Golden nails

Golden nails

Golden nails over

Blue ombre nails

Blue ombre nails over

Rainbow Nails

Rainbow nails over

Galaxy nails

Galaxy Nails over

Pink nails

Pink nails over

Colorful nails

Colorful nails over

Pink ombre nails

Pink ombre nails over

Heart shape nails

Heart shape nails over

Three tone nails

Three tone nails over

Black and red nails

Black and red nails over

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