The 8 Best Women's Hiking Sandals of 20

Outdoor sandals for women

Outdoor sandals are one Underwear the basic shoe sandals, which is one of the oldest shoes worn by almost all cultures, social classes, men, women and children worldwide. Outdoor sandals for women and men are also offered that are specially tailored to the needs of children’s models. The outdoor sandal differs from the classic sandal in both function as well as in her layout and the processed materials,

Sandals for outdoor sports – a development

The outdoor sandal is a further development of the traditional shoe sandal, which has been adapted to the special needs of outdoor athletes and is ideal for rafting, trekking and hiking. The sandals were designed by the American for outdoor enjoyment Mark Thatcherone Rafting instructionwho was looking for a good alternative to the tennis shoes and flip-flops that were common at the time and therefore used all his experience to produce an amphibious shoe. He therefore created a sandal that, although not waterproof, had to be water-repellent, gave a firm hold, did not slip off the foot and did not leave pebbles or stones on the foot.

The then relatively seldom used Velcro material was used by Mark Thatcher to manufacture nylon straps with Velcro straps and placed on a thong sandal as a front and heel strap. As a result, the entire foot was enclosed and the Velcro strips enabled the shoe to be individually adapted to the foot. The “Amphibious Utility Sandal” is considered to be the first outdoor sandal whose fasteners neither rise in the wet nor in the sand and therefore Perfect for water sports and the Exercise outdoors are suitable. In order to improve walking comfort, customer testimonials and recommendations were evaluated, the belt system improved and the toe bridge replaced with the “universal” system in which a connecting strip was inserted between the rear and front belts on the side.

In 1984, Thatcher manufactured and sold 200 pairs of the new sandals under the product name Teva for the first time. The Deckers shoe company later took over the license and finally the brand in 2002 Teva,

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