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Overknees Boots

Overknees Boots

Overknees were a real hit in the 80s. Today they are absolutely “in” again. Today’s fashion-conscious woman certainly has at least one pair of these boots in her closet. Overknees made of smooth or suede are preferred, but overknees are also offered in color. Overknee boots go perfectly with skinny jeans or leggings.


Overknees are a variant of women’s boots that have recently become increasingly popular with young women and are characterized by a particularly high-cut shaft. As opposed to traditional boots for women, which usually hit just below or a little further below the knee, go beyond that. The shaft that extends a few centimeters above the knees is therefore characteristic.

Materials and colors

Overknees are usually available in leather or real leather, but also in fabric or suede and of course in different colors, whereby the colors black and brown have turned out to be the most popular variations in this regard, as well as classic boots and ankle boots.

For a long time, overknees were generally considered nasty and sexy, especially when it came to models in lacquer designs. These new overknee models have long since lost this image, as they are based on classic boot designs made of leather and differ only in the higher shaft of the boots.

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