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If you don’t want to be seen in a bikini on the beach, you can cover your legs and hips with a playful scarf. So-called pareos also offer a wide selection, from long skirts to beach dresses.

Classification of the pareos category

For years, pareos have been very popular as accessories in summer with many women of all ages. These are all towels that can be loosely tied around the hips or the body. These can be towels of many different colors, designs, and sizes.

Features and wearing options

What they all have in common is that they both serve as fashionable eye-catchers and are very practical. They are mainly worn in combination with a bikini or bathing suit on the beach and as a trendy addition to a bathing suit are not only cutting-edge, but also play optimally around the figure of the wearer.

If, as a woman on the beach or in the pool, you don’t just want to be dressed in a bikini or bathing suit and instead you don’t want to show too much skin, then pareos are ideal, especially the buttocks, legs and hips in a fashionable home.

From skirt to beach dress

In this way, they serve as a kind of substitute for a skirt, but leave the skin under the fabric recognizable, as semi-transparent fabrics and silky fabrics are usually used for production. However, a pareo can usually be used in more diverse ways as there are different tying techniques that make it possible to tie a pareo, as well as a skirt of various lengths and a beach dress.

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