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Pastel Coat Ideas to Rock this Winter

What will you wear for a cold day? A dark coat? You can style your look with some light color coats to create a warm and soft look. It is perfect for you to choose some pastel coats, because you will look shiny and pretty in those light color pieces. How to glam a great look with a pastel coat?

Today’s post will offer you some ideas to rock this winter with the pastel coats. No more coats in deep color tone. Your winter look can be lightened up and soften by different tone. Nude coats and beige coats are commonly worn by girls in winter. It is easy to go with them as well.

If you take a beige coat or a nude coat instead of a camel one, you can wear a basic outfit. After finishing pairing your look, you can take a stylish handbag with you. When you wear a pastel coat, please keep everything simple.
More pairing ideas can be found in the following ideas. Hope you will get inspired. Check them out.

Black and White Basic, Pink Coat

She doesn't wear too many colors for the look. Black and white basic can go well with her oversized pink coat.

black-and-white-basic-pink-coat via

black-and-white-basic-pink-coat via

Beige Coat, Beige Swear and Pink Pants

She cleverly wears the same color sweater as her coat and her shoes. So, she creates a look in a soft tone.

beige-coat-beige-swear-and-pink-pants via

Blue coat and strap heels

How can you miss a button-up coat for winter? Try to wear a blue coat to keep warm and have a pretty outfit.

blue-coat-and-strap-heels via

White sweater, beige coat and ripped jeans

If you want to have a casual look for the out-going, you just wear simple winter staples to bring an easy vibe.

white-sweater-beige-coat-and-ripped-jeans via

White Basic and Nude Trench Coat

A nude coat can go well with a white sweater, a flare pants and a pair of nude shoes.

white-basic-and-nude-trench-coat via

Mint coat and crop pants

She simply wears a mint coat as the top and black pants as the bottom. Two colors are enough!

mint-coat-and-crop-pants via

Stylish pastel coat

She looks cool in the outfit. What's’s more, her blue bag will add colors to her pastel outfit.

stylish-pastel-coat via

Blue Trench Coat and Brown Scarf

Trench coats and scarves are useful to make layers in the season.

blue-trench-coat-and-brown via

Blue coat, t-shirt, loose jeans and white sneakers

How to glam a street look? It is easy! Put on your t-shirt and jeans. Don’t forget to step on a pair of white shoes and wear a trench coat.

blue-coat-t-shirt-loose-jeans-and-white-sneakers via

Turtleneck and Beige Coat

Beige coat can go well with turtleneck sweaters as well.

turtleneck-and-beige-coat via

Pastel Coat and Glitter Scarf

Pale color outfit can be paired with a deep color scarf. The combo seems to have more layers and colors.

pastel-coat-and-glitter-scarf via

Peach Coat and Simple Basic

You can just wear a gray tee and skinny jeans to pair your peach coat.

peach-coat-and-simple-basic via

Nude Coat and Burgundy Handbag

It is great for you to make the layers like that.

nude-coat-and-burgundy-handbag via

Nude trench coat and deep color basic

When it is not too cold, you can go with a deep color basic with your nude coat for the street look.

nude-trench-coat-and-deep-color-basic via

Pale pink coat

pale-pink-coat via

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