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What are peep toes?

Definition: Peeptoes are all types of open toe shoes. If from Peep toes (without addition) The speech is usually meant pumps with free toes. Peeptoes come in a variety of models including the following:

The history of the peep toes

Open toe shoes have been around since 1938. During this time, stockings had reinforcements on the toes and heels. At the same time, it was frowned upon to slip into open-toe shoes without stockings, which is why the new peep-toes aroused the need for suitable stockings. Therefore, in 1940 the hosiery manufacturers began Stockings without reinforcement Manufacturing.

The Guide to Peeptoes

Why can you combine peep toes?

It depends on the shoe model with which peep-toes clothing can be combined, so that no advice can be given at this point that applies to all shoe types with open toes.

For combining ankle boots with open toe

What do you have to consider with all models?

  1. In any case, proper toenail and foot care should be ensured.
  2. Under no circumstances should you combine peep-toes with socks or stockings. Either with bare feet or slip on matching pantyhose in shoe styles with low shafts or open areas!

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