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Peep-toes are becoming more and more popular and are almost a must for today’s fashion-conscious woman. The women’s shoes are a variant of the pumps, with the difference that they have a small opening at the front so that the toes are partially visible. There are peep-toes in all possible materials, so that they can be combined with jeans and dresses – whether chic or elegant.

Classification of the Peeptoes category

Peep-toes represent a special variant of women’s shoes and are characterized in particular by their front shoe part. In contrast to conventional pumps, these are designed to be open, which makes the woman’s toes visible.

Mainly because this is seen by many women as particularly aesthetic and fashionable, peep-toes have been back in vogue in recent years and are one of the must-haves in shoe fashion, especially in summer. They were already a shoe trend in the 1940s, but then fell into oblivion before stars and starlets around the world rediscovered them and they are now considered top fashion again.


Peeptoes come in many different versions. These are usually typical pumps with round, in this case open toe, and different heel heights. However, there are also peep-toe models with the current wedge heels or ballerinas in peep-toe designs.

possible combinations

You can combine Peep with almost any outfit, which makes it very versatile and always chic.

Peeptoes usually always fit and are always a fashionable eye-catcher on a woman’s foot. In addition, their feel-good factor must not be forgotten, because, especially on warm days, they are much more comfortable and convenient to wear than closed-toe pumps.

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