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Pixie Haircut Ideas for Women with Short Hair

Hey, beauties with short hair! Are you tired of your short hair and want to do it differently, say girlish and feminine? But it really takes a long time for your cool short hair to get longer. What can we do to change the look? There is a good idea for you. Simply change your boyish short haircut to a female pixie haircut.

Short hair usually leaves an impression of independence and cool personality. However, everything will change if your short hair is styled in a pixie haircut. The pixie haircut is the best combination of the traditional short hair look and an enchanting feminine appeal. Many celebrities who were long hair divas try this pixie haircut. So if you want your short hair to look sweeter and prettier, just try the pixie haircut.

In the images below, we have selected 15 pixie hairstyles in different styles so women can find their desired type. Some of them are chic and nervous, while others are gracious and graceful. Which one do you prefer and which is your style? Try them out and enjoy!

Beautiful pixie haircut for blonde hair

Beautiful pixie haircut for blonde hair

Chic pixie haircut

Sexy pixie haircut for short hair

Elegant pixie haircut for women

Jennifer Lawrence Pixie haircut

Miley Cyrus Pixie haircut

Elisabeth Moss Pixie haircut

Coco Rocha Pixie haircut

Lady Gaga Pixie haircut

Anne Hathaway Pixie haircut

Rihanna Pixie haircut

Michelle Williams pixie haircut

Maggie Gyllenhaal Pixie haircut

Halle Berry Pixie haircut

Charlize Theron Pixie haircut

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