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Platform boots for women

Platform boots are a sub-category of basic shoe boots and boots got their name from the type of paragraph used, the so-called platform heel. The term platform heel comes from the French word “plateau”, which means “high surface” and describes a particularly strong heel in the sole area of ​​the front or the entire shoe or boot. Platform soles are used for both shoes and boots, and clogs and sandals are also offered with the eye-catching heel.

The history of platform boots – from zoccoli to glam rock

The platform shoe goes back to the so-called zoccoli, which was very popular in southern Europe and also in England in the 15th century under the term stilt shoes were sold. These shoes were women’s boots with wooden wedges under the soles that could be up to 20 inches high and were popular up until the 16th century Impression of endless legs produced.

At that time, the wooden platforms were still attached to the actual boots with straps. Platform boots have also been considered in other cultures such as Asia and Africa for centuries inherent part Shoe fashion.

In Europe and America, the musical and popular cultural development of the 1970s led to a renewed trend and boots were liked and often worn by men and women alike. Boots with platform elements are more associated with women’s fashion these days, and they are Available both as everyday shoes and as fetish shoes,

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