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Platform mules for women

There are an infinite number of different types of shoes. Many of them are practical, many are very comfortable and others a lot sexy. Unfortunately, the passionate shoe lover has to choose between these three characteristics when she receives a new model for her collection. It doesn’t have to be. For example, platform mules are shoes that can be both comfortable and sexy. In addition, they still are incredibly practicalbecause you can slip into them easily and quickly. Read here what other positive properties this shoe has. You will be surprised.

Full sole platform mules

There are several types of plateau mules. First, the classic, continuous plateau should be described here. These mules are very suitable for everyday useThanks to their thick sole, which is not actually a heel, they are incredibly comfortable.

Often the sole of the platform mules is made of very soft cork, which means that the shoes fit your feet perfectly and you can cover even longer distances. Also a long walk is quite conceivable with these mules.

In addition to the material cork wood is also very popular for the design of platform mules with a continuous sole. Other characteristics of these shoes are natural colors like black, white and brown and usually quite wide straps, which make sure that the mules do open at the heel sit firmly on the foot. If you prefer thin straps because they allow more air to get to your feet and better fit your fine feet, make sure the slippers are still secure on the foot. There will always be situations and occasions when things get a little hectic. If the shoe then slips off the foot, there is definitely a risk of injury.

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