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Platform sandals for women

Platform sandals for women

Platform sandals are one Subcategory of sandals and are therefore classified as a female variant of the sandal. Sandals are because of their heel and their usually elaborate design, the narrow cuts and the fine decoration as women’s shoes and are worn in Germany by women, but not by men. In the children’s collections there are seldom individual sandal models for girls that have a rather flat platform heel or another heel that is only minimally reinforced by a platform sole.

The paragraph of the same name and its history

Sandals are categorized in different ways. A type of subdivision depends on the type of sale used. For example, a distinction is made between wedge sandals or even platform sandals. The platform sandal can be that different types and designs of a sandal Trade provided it has plateau sales. The word plateau comes from French and means plateau. In shoe fashion, this refers to a shoe with a particularly strong sole that can either extend over the entire shoe or just be placed under the forefoot. Furthermore, the platform sole can have a continuous thickness or with a separate paragraphcan be combined with a wedge heel, a stiletto heel or a block heel. As a result, the shoe is much higher without the arch of the arch having to be sharply bent.
The first platform soles appeared as early as the 15th century in England and some European countries At that time they were called Stiltshoe or Zoccoli. In these shoes, sockets were tied to the shoes for a particularly long leg line. The Zoccoli are considered the forerunners of the platform shoes. Today, however, the soles are glued or sewn to the shoe and are therefore more durable and stable.

Platform sandals can come from you simple sandal with a more or less thick platform sole exist and therefore both be flat and reach high heels. The average sole thickness for everyday use is platform soles between three and five inches, but can also be ten centimeters or more. An alternative to the simple platform sole is the combination with a different heel shape. This can be more moderate due to the altitude already reached from the plateau.

The sandal can be less bulky than when a narrow stiletto heel is combined with a thin platform sole and then light too delicate outfits or business attire combine, while a pure thick platform sole does not suit the office or a formal event. Even a block heel can be wonderfully reinforced by a small platform height and thus appears less massive.

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