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Platform shoes

Platform shoes are relatively eye-catching shoes in which the front sole in particular is extremely high, but usually the rear heel is also higher than average. In addition to the platform shoe, there are also platform boots or sandals.

Classification of the platform shoes category

At the beginning of the seventies the fashion world was shaken by many innovations. From the bold, homely style of the 50s and 60s, fashion changed to something innovative in this decade. Style elements from this turbulent time are often taken up by the designers of our fashion.

Features of the platform shoe

In addition to the flared trousers, the platform shoes are also celebrating a revival. At the same time, like today, the dizzying height of the platform shoes attracts attention. This can vary in the shape of the platform shoe; It is characterized by its enormous size. This is achieved by enlarging either the entire sole or just the area under the forefoot and heel.

It’s not messed up, it’s padded because the shoe can’t be high enough. In the mid-90s, for example, trainers with platform soles were raised up to 30 cm. Of course, this crazy height is not typical for all platform shoes. The commercial platform shoe is increased between 15 cm and 20 cm,

Paradoxically, platform shoes are very comfortable even if you don’t even look at them. This is because not only is the heel enlarged, but the entire tread of the foot. In reality, the viewer only has the impression that the shoes are so incredibly high. In truth, the shoes are not that high as the fun level is increased evenly. Thus, the heel of a platform shoe is not necessarily higher than that of a conventional high heel.

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