13 Best Pleated Pants for Men - Stylish Trousers with Plea

Pleated trousers

The classic pleated trousers are long, simple and usually very elegant trousers for the fashionable man. The specially cut men’s trousers, mostly made of cotton, are comfortable and particularly suitable for fine footwear.

Classification of the pleated pants category

The pleated trousers are probably a classic in men’s clothing, but women have also discovered the straightforward line on their legs for themselves.


Like so many fads, we owe the existence of the fold to chance. When jeans became socially acceptable in America, a textile merchant was forced to serve a very busy customer.

At the time, the pants were neatly folded in high piles. Unfortunately, the size right for this customer was at the bottom of the stack, and when the seller pulled it out, lengthwise creases were being pushed through the stack down the center of the leg.

The customer must be really in a hurry because they paid for the new acquisition immediately and postponed to get through the rest of the day. Of course it caused a sensation, but the unusual appearance appealed to us, and from now on there was a lively demand for the “wrinkled” trousers.

Today’s models

Today the folds on the waistband (it starts at the waistband) give every pair of pants a chic, serious touch. She also extends her leg visually – Marlene Dietrich could also use this effect, although she actually didn’t need it. Fortunately, the folds of modern trousers do not have to be difficult to tie, but are already fixed during production and attached to the waistband and hems.

Nevertheless, it is a good idea to always hang the pleated pants over the hangers according to the folds. Professional cleaning also guarantees that they will last for a long time.

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