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Pocket Watches

A pocket watch is a strapless and usually round watch that you can carry in your pocket. The predecessor of the classic wristwatch usually hangs on a watch chain and is now more interesting for collectors than for fashionable watch manufacturers.

Classification of the pocket watches category

Pocket watches are small, round watches that are usually carried in your pocket on a chain. Today they are mostly only worn by enthusiasts, as they have largely been replaced by wristwatches.


Only through the invention of the spring drive could pocket watches from the early 15th century be developed at all, since until now clocks could only be operated with weights. The oldest surviving pocket watch dates from 1430 and can be seen today in the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg.


Pocket watches are made in different forms:

  • Tin clock
  • Savonette
  • Semi-savonnette
  • Lpine watch
  • Muskrat watch
  • Cross clock
  • Neck watch
  • Aviator pocket watch and
  • Dress watch.

The so-called can clock is the oldest design and has the shape of a small can in the name. The savonette, however, is a spring cover design where pressing a button in the crown lifts the cover above the dial.

Another form is the Lpine watch, which is worn as a very common model without a cover or the like, usually in the breast pocket of the vest or jacket.

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