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Polka-dot Nail Arts You Won’t Miss

We love dotted tops, dotted pants and dotted skirts, so we'd like to introduce you to the dotted nail art so you can keep up with the dotted fashion. Here you will find 15 polka dot nail tutorials. In the tutorials, you will learn how to polish the dots and create a stylish polka dot nail art.

If you are also obsessed with polka dots, you are sure to be interested in the post office. Have fun and be inspired!

Pink and black dots
The dots are so cute because of the different sized circles.

Pink and black dots

Pink and black dots over

Pale green
Light green is incredible.

Light green over

Green dots
Green dots between the red nails are breathtaking.

Green dots above


The neon spots on the splinter polish are bright.

Neon spots over

Simple nails
The combination of neon blue lacquer and light green lacquer results in an ultra-fresh look.

Simple nails over

Black and white

Even the simplest black and white varnish can create a stylish polka-dot nail art.

Black and white over

Red dots
The dots look so cute.

Red dots over

Little dots
So many small dots create a snow-covered polish.

Little dots over

Rainbow gem detail

A polka nail polish is created by inserting the rainbow gemstone details.

Rainbow gem detail above

White dots
The white dots on the light blue give it a modern look.

White dots over

Glitter is placed on the gray nails to make sparkling dots.

Sparkles over

butterfly nails
White dots complete the butterfly look.

Butterfly nails over

splitter points
They shine on the deeply colored nail

Splinter points over

Funny points
White dots on different colored nails create a fun mood.

Funny points about

Colorful dots
White nails emphasize the colorful dots.

Colorful dots over

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