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Popular Medium Hairstyles for 2020

If you want me to count the most popular look for women's hair this season, it must be the medium hairstyles. And they're slimmer and more disheveled than in a messy shape. You can get some loose waves for your medium hair for a totally trendy look. For girls who love romantic styles, go for some nice curls and twists around your face. Follow us with 16 beautiful medium hairstyles for 2016 in this post and find your new favorite look today!

Ombre wavy hairstyle

Ombre wavy hairstyle

Ombre wavy hairstyle over

Medium hairstyles look perfect on shiny, fine hair. With some random waves, it's ideal to create a carefree and relaxed vacation style.

Ombre bob hairstyle

Ombre bob hairstyle over

It would be a breeze to take your long bob to the next level with some fabulous waves. It will make a more wonderful look on trendy ombre hair.

Medium wave hairstyle with blunt bangs

Medium wavy hairstyle with blunt bangs across

This medium wave hairstyle with bangs can bring back happy school days for all of us. Remember to keep it simple with soft pink lips.

Messy wavy bob hairstyle

Messy Wavy Bob hairstyle over

If you want some volume in your hair, the old Hollywood waves can be a good choice, which makes this short bob hairstyle look extremely glamorous and charming.

Long bob hairstyles

Long bob hairstyles over

The long bob plays an important role in medium hairstyles for girls. And if you choose this style, you have a wide choice.

Tousled Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Tousled Medium Wavy Hairstyle Over

This hairstyle is nothing more than a lot of generous volume and textures in the body. Throw it up with your fingers to create a super casual and contemporary atmosphere.

Medium layered hairstyle for ombre hair

Medium layered hairstyle for ombre hair via

Layers can help highlight the great change in ombre hair color. In addition, they are rolled into a head-balancing shape.

Medium wave hairstyle

Medium wave hairstyle over

The medium wave hairstyle is ideal for girls to create a pretty and chic look for summer. The side layers are designed to fall beautifully over your face.

Medium Layered Hairstyle – Angled Long Bob

Medium Layered Hairstyle – Angled Long Bob Via

Are you looking for a cute bob hairstyle for your next new look? Well, this strikes us with its attractive style and soft lines.

Medium wave hairstyle for ombre hair

Medium wave hairstyle for ombre hair via

The medium length hair can be a good option for our everyday hairstyles as it requires minimal styling and the hair still frames the face gorgeous.

Medium hairstyle with highlights

Medium hairstyle with highlights above

It's amazing to have a range of blonde highlights and lowlights for medium length hair. The stylish blunt cut ends made this hairstyle appear dramatic and thicker.

Knotted French Braid updo for medium length hair

Knotted French Braid updo for medium length hair via

Medium hair is easier to arrange for an upstyle than long hair. This is absolutely unique and special and you will have a lot of interest and fun creating it.

Simple updo for short to medium hair

Simple updo for short to medium hair over

For girls with short to medium hair, the slightly twisted updo can help keep your hair out of your face on a hot day.

Colored medium wave hairstyles

Colored medium wave hairstyles about

There are a variety of ways to have a fabulous medium wave hairstyle for girls. It looks great on different hair colors and types.

Beachy Wavy hairstyle for shoulder length hair

Beachy Wavy hairstyle for shoulder-length hair over

A hint of golden blonde color can liven up the medium brown hairstyle with a completely fresh and lively touch.

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