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Pretty and Easy Nail Tutorials

Women will feel good after the manicure so they don't miss the latest nail art. Today's post offers every woman the latest nail art tutorials. The tutorials are pretty and simple. There are heart shaped nails, marble nails and nails for other events. Some nail arts only need multiple color polishes, while others need more tools like ribbons and glitter. However, nothing can be too difficult if you use your patience on it.

You don't even go to a nail shop and can just watch the step-by-step nail tutorials. In fact, you can change the nail colors in the tutorials to different shades that you like. Enjoy and do the pretty nail art yourself.

Heart shape nails

Heart shape nails

Heart shape nails

Deep blue marble nails

Deep blue marble nails over

Light blue marble nails

Light blue marble nails

Strip off nails

Peel off nails

Red nails

Red nails over

Stylish nails

Stylish nails over

Black nails

Black nails over

Pretty nails

Pretty nails over

butterfly nails

Butterfly nails over


Peacock nails over

Beautiful sky nails

Beautiful sky nails over

Clouds nails

Clouds nails over

Light green and white nails

Light green and white nails over

Christmas nails

Christmas nails over

Simple nails

Simple nails over

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