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Pretty Blowout Hair Tutorials

Before going out, will you wash and dry your hair? If you answer yes, don't miss today's post. Today's post offers you some tutorials on blowout hair. In the tutorials, you can learn not only how to blow-dry the hair efficiently, but also how to get an angular hairstyle quickly.

There are several steps you need to do before finishing the blown hair.

Step 1 Learn about the texture and layers of your hair
Step 2 Let your hair wash and get clean hair
Step 3 Dry the hair slightly with a towel
Step 4 Apply hair products to the hair
Step 5 Partially separate your hair with needles and ponytail holders
Step 6 Start with your fingers. Pull your hair out with your fingers and hold the curls as you blow air from the roots to the tips.
Step 7 Use a round brush to add curls to the ends of the hair
Step 8 Repeat step 6 and step 7 until all sections are done and dry
Step 9 Finish the hair with a significant serum

Hope you have a perfect hair look for the next outgoing!
Pretty blowout hair

Pretty blowout hair

Pretty blowout hair over

Do a quick blowout hair

Make a quick blowout hair over

Red waves

Red waves over

Master a perfect blowout

Master a perfect blowout

Romantic curls

Romantic curls over

Airy waves

Airy waves over

Brown hair with a side part

Brown hair with side part over

Red hair loss

Red hair blowout over

Beautiful blowout

Beautiful blowout via

Bobby glam blowout

Bobby glam blowout over

Blown out hair

Blowing out hair over

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