25 Pretty Short Haircu

Pretty Pixie Haircuts for Women

Pixie hairstyles have remained in women's hairstyle trends for a very long time. This season you can definitely try something new in this classic look. The undercut is pretty trendy and makes every hairstyle look fantastic. In addition, a light color could enliven a dull elf for a completely fresh and lively look. Today, let's take a look at 16 edgy and pretty pixie hairstyles for women in this post and hope you find your new favorite look here!

Chopped pixie cut

Chopped pixie cut

Chopped pixie cut over

The light, showy blonde hair is styled with a round corner on the forehead. This is a look that will surely draw your attention.

Edgy Pixie haircut for red hair

Edgy Pixie Haircut for Red Hair via

You will find it very interesting to play with colors for your new hairstyle. Add a side-swept edge for an extra dose of style.

Slim long pixie haircut

Slim long pixie haircut over

Simple insanity that will definitely blow your mind. I never thought the long pixie cut would look so fabulous on straight hair.

Short pixie haircut for silver gray hair

Short pixie haircut for silver-gray hair over

The pixie cut would look trendy and edgy with an asymmetrical design. This style has a slightly longer side than the other.

Nice short pixie haircut

Nice short pixie haircut about

You'll need a long top to cover the undercut part if you want to look unique and trendy this season. This is a perfect hairstyle for round faces.

Undercut Pixie Hair

Undercut Pixie Hair over

This short hairstyle has strongly tapered sides and back, which is a great contrast to the long top. It looks funky and contemporary for girls.

Short haircut

Short haircut over

If you don't want to look too nervous, this simple, casual pixie style is perfect for your everyday look.

Short pixie haircut with side bangs

Short pixie haircut with side bangs / Getty Images

The long layers give this pixie hairstyle a strong feminine and mature sense. They run down your forehead in a wonderful way.

Side swept pixie haircut

Side swept pixie haircut over

Do you need a hairstyle that can be worn for both working and partying? Well, you have this one. It's sophisticated and trendy with a stacked top.

Short pixie haircut with bangs

Short pixie haircut with bangs via

This is a flattering way to give your short hair real textures. It has many stacked layers on the top and sides.

Pink purple pixie haircut

Pink Purple Pixie Haircut Over

This is a completely new idea for those girls who don't really like bangs. It also shows us how to wear the beautiful pink shade.

Layered pixie haircut

Layered pixie haircut over

Choppy layers have become a mainstream look this season. They are the best way to create a modern funky style for women.

Layered pixie haircut for thin hair

Layered pixie haircut for thin hair over

Try to make your pixie hairstyle look more awesome with a range of lowlights and highlights. It is also an ideal way to create an illusion of thicker hair.

Cute pink pixie haircut

Cute pink pixie haircut over

Do you want to spice up your little elf a bit? Try this beautiful color in pastel pink and you will get an absolutely current look.

Layered pixie haircut for fine hair

Layered pixie haircut for fine hair over

It's absolutely cool to apply a trendy two-tone hair color for your new style this season that can vastly improve the overall look.

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