10 Ponytail Tutorials for Hot Summer | Coletas despeinadas .

Pretty Ponytail Tutorials

What do you want to enchant for a new week? If you have long and textured hair, you won't miss the pretty ponytail hairstyles. Today we're going to show you some stylish and pretty ponytail tutorials you can rock this week. Trust us! With these hair tutorials, you can highlight a simple ponytail.

In this post you will find many useful ponytail tutorials. It is easy for you to learn as it is a step-by-step guide. The hair instructions show you how to make your ponytail pretty. They show you how to add beautiful elements to hair. Just stay with us and follow the steps shown in the tutorials. You will be happy with the results.

Let yourself be inspired and enjoy.

Double ponytail

Double ponytail over

Curly ponytail over

Side braid over

Slim ponytail over

Fancy ponytails over

Pretty ponytail over

Twisted ponytail over

Messy ponytail over

Ponytail turned over

Bow ponytail over

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