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Pretty Updo Hairstyles for Girls

The elegant updo is the best choice for summer days. It will expose our face and neck heavily when all hair is pulled up. In addition, the updo is very easy to make for all girls. Only a rubber band and a few hairpins are needed. Depending on the occasion, you can create a braided, twisted, or pinned one. Let's take a look at 12 pretty updos today with our pictures below!

Wicker braided updo for prom

Wicker braided updo for prom

Wicker braided updo for prom over

The braided updo made of wicker looks very lively and great for girls. This hairstyle is full of beautiful textures and you can use some hairspray to prevent strands of hair and short hair.

Bouffant updo in retro style

Retro Styled Bouffant Updo Hairstyle Over

This updo with a hint of buffalo is the perfect choice for girls who love glamorous retro looks. It will be able to create extra height for your face shape.

Braided updo hairstyle

Braided updo over

Here's a great way to make your high bun hairstyle full and fun and glamorous. This cute hairstyle looks better on girls on straight, fine hair.

Donut Bun hairstyle for long hair

Donut bun hairstyle for long hair over

This stylish, upside down, braided updo is a cool choice for summer looks. The adorable donut bun on the crown helps to increase the wow factors in a breathtaking way.

Simple updo for everyday hairstyles

Simple updo for everyday hairstyles

The slightly twisted updo is an ideal option for our everyday look. First create a low bangs and comb back the hair for a slightly tousled effect. Add hair accessories if necessary.

Full head braid for updos

Full head braid for updos across

This romantic updo is provided with delicate braids all over the head. It is certainly an eye-catcher on every occasion.

Messy braided updos

Messy braided updos over

The messy braided updo is perfect for a relaxed and carefree vacation look. You can finish this hairstyle with a thin headband or scarf for a more impressive style.

Messy side updo hairstyle

Messy Side Updo Hairstyle Over

This messy updo looks super glamorous and charming on curly hair. It's a good choice for a lazy and casual off-day look.

Simple updo for medium length hair

Simple updo for medium length hair over

This gorgeous updo is achieved by tucking your hair inside and fixing the ends with needles. It can work very well on medium to long hair.

Twisted updo for women

Twisted updo hairstyle for women about

This twisted updo is a perfect formal hairstyle for women. The top layers are secured with hairpins to achieve an elegant half-up style.
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