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Pump shoes

What are pumps?

Definition: pumps are the most typical representatives of the women’s shoes category. They are the classic among women’s shoes. Linda O’Keeffe calls pumps “the little black dress among shoes”. This type of shoe is very popular in every season of the year and on almost all occasions, as these shoes are classically elegant and simple at the same time. Pumps are characterized by the following properties out:

  • Most of them are monochrome and have no decoration.
  • Your heel is less than four inches.
  • Classic models also have a stiletto heel Spike heel. stiletto or Stiletto heel called.
  • If it’s a typical model, the front runs pointed

The guide to pumps

With which clothes can you combine pumps?

They are practical and elegant at the same time, so that they can be combined with pumps for almost any item of clothing. This type of shoe is an all-rounder in combination and gives simple outfits a feminine touch in no time at all.

If you have thin high heels, pumps make a woman’s legs look longer. The classic So in the combination of wide-necked pumps Little black onesThis mixture gives a diva charm to the look of every woman. For nicer occasions you can also combine pumps with chinos. But they also fit perfectly Pencil skirtThose who love it casual can turn these classic shoes into beautiful ones Stretch jeans or to Marlene pants wear.

Due to its elegant appearance, the shoe type of the pumps serves as a template for many different articles

When should one wear pumps?

They’re probably the most popular women’s shoes because, unlike stilettos, they have a lower heel and are therefore less breakneck. That’s why this shoe is for almost any situation the right footwear. When they are not currently being worn, pumps are the perfect decoration for a shoe organizer.

How can I spice up my pumps?

Who the ordinary shoes to one distinctive model can reshape his pumps with pyramid rivets, stick-on rhinestones or rivets in various shapes. In this way, the elegant shoes can be individually decorated so that you get the absolutely exclusive shoe model. In the case of lace-up pumps or other shoes covered with shoes, shoelaces that glow in the dark are a highlight.

Which pumps are suitable for the office?

Because heels that are too high seem unprofessional, short women should consider important dates Heels up to 3.5 cm choose. Taller women can also wear flat shoes like ballet flats for business appointments. The pumps may be feminine, but not too provocative.

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