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Pumps are fashionable and elegant women’s shoes that do not have a buckle, laces or other closure options and are closed. Depending on the model, they have a round or pointed front and a flat or high heel.

Classification of the pumps category

A pump is a wide-cut shoe that does not require a clasp. That means the pumps do not need straps, zippers, elastic bands or laces. The pumps have a flat sole and a heel, the height of which varies depending on the fashion. However, the heel must be at least 3 cm and a maximum of 9.5 cm high.


The historical aspect of pumps is very exciting, the word “pumps” was first used in 1594 by Shakespeare. In the 17th and 18th centuries it became fashionable among the male Holflakaia to wear white knee socks and knee breeches with pumps. With the French Revolution, the pumps lost their heel and went out of style. In the 19th century they were rediscovered by the dandies and worn by women as an alternative to cloth and silk shoes.


And the heels vary from penny heels to block heels. One distinguishes

Today pumps are only made for women, the only exception being special opera pumps, which are also available for men.

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